Teacher Pages:
Expectations, Maintenance and Support

  • Welcome to the teacher support section for Schoolwires and teacher websites.

    To the left, you will see a full navigation of support available for staff. If you have additional questions, you may submit a suggestion or contact the Office of Communications directly at 651-767-8110.

    If you are logged in and do not see "Site Manager" of the upper-right corner of your homepage, that means you have not yet been given administrative privileges to your page. That will need to be done by your site director or the Office of Communications.


    The Office of Teaching and Learning has determined the following requirements for teacher pages on SPPS websites:


    • Photograph. This provides a visual for families and staff to help families recognize their student's teachers.
    • Short bio. This communicates your professional qualifications and helps families get to know their child's primary point of daily contact at school.
    • Contact Information. Email and classroom phone when possible.
    • Teaching Resources. This can be everything from links to learning platforms such as Schoology, to public education resources such as PDFs.