• Q: How old do you have to be to take swim lessons?

    A: Each class has its own age requirements; please see Class Descriptions for details.  Instructional lessons are available for children ages 6 months to 5 years with a parent, children ages 4 to 14 years, and for adults ages 15 and older.


    Q: Can I join a class that is full?

    A: No.  The class size is firm due to the student-teacher ratio.


    Q:  Can I register for a class once the class has already started?

    A:  No.  Each class builds on the skills taught in the previous class, so it is important for you, the other students, and the instructors that you attend all classes from the beginning.  In addition, staffing is determined and adjusted based on enrollment, so please register before the first day of class.


    Q:  I am on the waitlist for a class.  Now what?

    A:  If a space in the class becomes available, you will be contacted and your registration will be completed over the phone.  If a space in the class does not become available, you will not be contacted.  


    Q: Are there locker rooms, showers and lockers to use?

    A: All pools have boy’s and girl’s locker rooms.  However, due to the nature of our facilities (schools), family locker rooms or family restrooms are not available.  Children, 7 years and older, must use gender-appropriate locker rooms.  Showers are available and some lockers may be available for use (participants must provide their own lock).  If not using a locker, it is recommended that participants bring their belongings into the pool area with them and that any valuables are left at home.  Community Education is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

    Please be advised that the facilities used are high school and elementary school pools and locker rooms that are in use for K-12 curriculum needs and athletic activities.  Variable wear and tear due to heavy use is expected.

    Q:  What is the air/water temperature?

    A:  The high school pools are kept at approximately 81° with the air temperature set approximately 1° higher.  The Elementary School pools are therapeutic pools and are kept at approximately 90° with the air temperature set approximately 1° higher.  These temperatures are approximate and may fluctuate and are based on the needs of the school day programs and athletics.


    Q:  Do you provide towels?

    A: No.  Please bring your own towel to class.


    Q: Can parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. watch the lessons?

    A: Yes.  But we do ask that all observers sit on bleachers or benches and away from the pool for the duration of the class, so that swimmers can focus on their teacher and their class.  Anyone who is not registered for the lesson is not allowed in the pool.


    Q: Will I/my child know how to swim after taking the class?

    A: Everyone is different and learns at different rates.  It is expected that students will take the same class multiple times in order to perfect the skills in their current level before moving on to the next level.  It is very important for students to become proficient at the skills taught in their class before moving on to the next level.  


    Q: My child is an excellent swimmer and has taken lessons many times. Can he/she enroll in the next level even though he/she does not meet the minimum age requirements?

    A: No.  Students must meet the minimum age requirement on or before the first day of class to enroll.  


    Q: My child and I will be attending one of the parent and child classes.  Can both parents be in the water with the child?

    A: Due to full classes and limited space in the pool, there may not be room for both parents to accompany their child in the water.  Please only one parent per child in the water unless the instructor has determined there is enough room and has given you permission.  Parents may alternate who accompanies their child in the pool.