Family Involvement

family involvement
  • At Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, we believe in partnership between home and school. We have an open door policy. We encourage families to visit our classrooms. Please remember when visiting that a teacher may not have time to talk with you immediately as they spend much of the day actively teaching our many young inquirers. We want teachers to focus on teaching whenever students are present. We encourge you to make notes and contact the teacher at a later time be e-mail, phone, or text.  This will allow them to give your comments and questions their full attention. 
    We value feedback from parents. Thank you for taking an active role in education. 
    A guide to policy and frequently asked questions.

    Refer to the document above for information regarding the uniform and uniform policy at Mays. Mays welcomes uniform donations of new, or gently used, uniform items. You may bring khaki or navy bottoms, or white or navy polos to the office throughout the school year.

    Family Event Calendar
    This calendar lists the dates and times of events that form the partnership between home and school.
    School Attendance Matters

    Signs of Illness

    Students and families may not be sure if a child is too sick to attend school. Ordinarily we ask that children be sent to school even if they seem a little tired or irritable in the morning as long as they do not have any of the signs or symptoms listed below.

    • Keep your child home if he or she:
      • Has a fever of 100 degrees or more during the previous evening or night or in the morning.
      • Has vomited or had diarrhea during the night or in the morning.
      • Has a rash that may be caused by a disease or if the cause is unknown, check with your family physician before sending the student to school.
    • Missing School for Illness:
      • If student is at home sick, please call the school attendance line daily to report the reason for absence.
      • If a student will be absent for more than one day, parents can contact the school for homework.
      • Students with over 7 days of absences due to illness will be required to bring a health care provider’s verification and must be checked/excused by the school nurse.  If your student has a chronic illness please notify the School Nurse.

    Newsletters and Event Fliers
    Library of PDF's for Benjamin E. Mays IB world School newsletters and event fliers.
    The way math has been taught since you were in school may have changed. Check out the Everyday Math link below to bring you up to speed through easy to follow videos for new ways to view math.
    Benjamin E. Mays IB World School supports reading at home. The resources in this section will help you understand what a Reading Level is, provide book lists and give strategies for developing comprehension.
    Mays takes seriously the partnership between home and school. The Family Engagement Plan (FEP) and the Grade Level Compacts were designed with input from families to strengthen the bonds between home and school and enrich our students' education.

    PTA News
    The Mays P.T.A. needs your voice, ideas and a little bit of your time. Mays Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is designed to create a better school community through improving communication, deepening knowledge and active participation. We hope to build a strong partnership between home and school.

    Parent Academy
    Parent Academy is a parent program held at Benjamin E. Mays IB World School in the spring. Parent Academy is a good opportunity to learn about various school topics such as Standards and Progress, Self-Esteem, and Technology in the Classroom; and get to know other families at Mays. Parents enjoy an evening out with other adults - free childcare and a light dinner are provided. Mays Parent Academy has a history of laughter and involvement. The parents of Mays make Parent Academy at Mays a wonderful experience.