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Degrees and Certifications:

Elizabeth Cherek

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.”  ~Roger Lewin


It is my belief that the system and practices must change if we expect different results for the students we serve. Relationships, self-reflection and communication are key to accomplishing systems change at the community, district, and school levels. These tenets are at the core of what I bring to the SPPS organization. My educational background in early childhood development, primary grades education and reading instruction, as well as cultural anthropology have given me a unique lens with which I view the world and my work in SPPS. Some other skills I bring to SPPS are:

  • I can see the big picture as well as the details.
  • I am highly skilled at building strong relationships with teachers and administrators across the district at an individual and group level.
  • I understand the developmental, pedagogical, and curricular aspects of elementary academics.
  • Learning and teaching are not one-size-fits-all, therefore I work to adjust to the needs of the teachers and students I work with.
  • My first hand experience as a teacher helps me to think through the implications for teachers when it comes to instruction and I work to support teachers in finding ways to adjust their teaching to fit the needs of their students.
  • I am able to support teachers in understanding the “why” of what they do when teaching, but also the “why” in what the district is asking teachers to do.

In sum, my background, experiences, and focus on building strong relationships help me to see everyday as an opportunity to try something new, refine past thinking, and support individuals with change.