Staff Contact Information

First Name Last Name Title eMail Phone Department
Greg Anderson Supervisor (651) 744-8392 Alternative Education
Sue Arvidson Lead Counselor - Elementary & Middle School- COSA (651) 744-3331 Graduation Progress and Acceleration
Rachel Carpenter Elementary Extended Day (EDL)/S-Term TOSA (651)-744-5203 Alternative Education
Hannah Chan Program Manager (651) 767-8183 Post Secondary Partnerships
Eleanor Clemmons Evening High School - Principal (651)-744-1566 Alternative Education
Beth Coleman School Counselor (651) 744-7378 School Climate and Support
Chris Ederer Secondary Extended Day (EDL)/S-Term TOSA (651) 744-6770 Alternative Education
Dr. Breanna Galuska Lead Counselor - High School - COSA (651) 744-6061 Graduation Progress and Acceleration
Katie Gardner Project Coordinator (651) 603-4941 Graduation Progress and Acceleration
Rene Gervais Program Manager (651) 744-1211 Post-Secondary Partnerships
Brent Gilles Social Studies TOSA (651) 403-4222 Gateway to College
Darren Ginther Supervisor (651) 242-7596 Graduation Progress and Acceleration
Dr. Darcel Hill CDF Freedom Schools Executive Director/Special Project Coordinator (651) 744-1259 Alternative Education
Latitia Johnson Evening High School - Head Clerk (651) 744-1210 Alternative Education
Kathy Kittel Program Manager (651) 744-1312 Post Secondary Partnerships
Kristi Kohn PBIS Lead (651) 744-8146 School Climate and Support
Kris Krinke Accounting Clerk II (651) 744-1200 Office Of College and Career Readiness
Luke Larson Mathematics TOSA (651) 403-4387 Gateway to College
Kathy Lombardi Mental Health Coordinator (651) 744-1958 School Climate and Support
Robin Lorenzen Music & Arts Program Manager (651) 744-4019 Alternative Education
Becky McCammon Restorative Practices (651) 744-1326 School Climate and Support
Erin Metz PBIS Lead (651) 744-5237 School Climate and Support
Elizabeth Putnam Assistant Director (651) 744-8010 Alternative Education
Tara Reddinger-Adams Program Assistant (651) 744-1350 Post-Secondary Partnerships
Leslie Snow Program Manager for Digital Credit Recovery (651) 744-8013 Alternative Education
Chong Thor Social Worker on Special Assignment (651) 744-5357 School Climate and Support
Mary Toner Teacher (651) 744-1323 Post Secondary Partnerships
Dia Vang Clerk (651) 487-7386 Alternative Education
Tracy Tomberlin Management Assistant 651-744-5961 Office of College and Career Readiness