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  • Link Crew is a high school transition program housed by the Boomerang Project.  The Boomerang Project is a company dedicated to students and educators with the goal to help schools not only teach students, but reach them as well.  

    Over 50 juniors and seniors at Como have been trained as Link Leaders, who are the core of the program.  These Link Leaders were hand-picked out of numerous applicants, and all display an ability to mentor and be a leader for freshmen students.  They are very excited to help out the new freshmen class!

    The Link Leaders connect with the same group of freshmen students at least once a month to do activities, hold exclusive events for freshmen and to build meaningful relationships.  Every freshmen student is guaranteed a Link Leader who connects with them on a regular basis!  

    Link Crew Coordinator:

    Allison Hartzell,

    Link Crew's Freshmen Orientation!

    Every summer Link Leaders work for 2 days straight to create a welcoming environment for all freshmen attendees.  At orientation freshmen come together as a class and are able to connect with their Link Leaders in a small group setting.  The orientation ends with a tour of the school and a coming together of all freshmen during closing ceremonies.