Marine Corps JROTC

  • Mission: Developing leaders with integrity and courage to overcome adversity and transform their lives to serve their family, community, and nation.

    Overview: The only Marine Corps JROTC in Minnesota (established in 1995) under the leadership and inspiration of retired United States Marines. A diverse elective that emphasizes patriotism, community service, and leadership development through leadership curriculum, planning, executing extra-curricular activities and life-changing events. Cadets wear Marine Corps uniforms, sustain military style grooming standards, travel across the United States, compete in drill competitions, improve physical fitness, develop awareness of leadership through practical experiences; Cyber Patriot, Rifle Drill, Marine Corps Birthday Ball, leadership crucibles at military installations, more travel, adventure and much more under the mentorship of two retired United States Marines.

    Prospective Cadets are asked to see their school counselor, complete an interview with the Marine Instructor, complete a Minnesota Sports Physical, complete the MCJROTC permission form, and complete an application signed by their parent guardian regarding the JROTC policies and syllabus.

    For current operations and events, please visit our cadet established-maintained website at: Como Park MCJROTC Facebook page.


    Sgt Major Kirkland

    Major Scott J. Kiger