Como Park Ultimate Frisbee

About the Season

  • Spring is here, and so is the 2021 High School Ultimate season!

    This year we will be practicing on staying safe during COVID-19 on top of our usual ultimate activities. We will be practicing on Mondays/Wednesdays from 6:00PM until 8:00PM and Sundays from 10:00AM until 12:00PM, while games will be Thursday evenings starting at 5:00PM and will end by 8:00PM. We are waiting to hear if there will be a State tournament this year, but we have a bid in for Hopkins Hustle so at least one tournament will be played this year.

    As a community, Minnesota Ultimate will be practicing safety in every way we can so as to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while letting kids have as much fun as possible. We are implementing CDC and MNDHS guidelines to make sure we are doing our share of keeping students and families safe, and the coaching staff have developed a safety preparedness plan for this season, which I will have a link to on the side of this page. 

    Como's ultimate program has been around for over ten years, and through all that time we have focused on having fun and respecting the Spirit of the Game. In this sport the players themselves are officials and make calls when necessary, so by communicating with their team as well as their opponents they will learn valuable life lessons through their unique experiences.

    Spirit of the Game is layed out in ten parts, but the summarized version is basically to respect everyone on and off the field and treat people how you want to be treated; so through playing the game students learn compassion and empathy, as well as valuable communication skills that will help later in life for better understanding others and even de-escalating situations.

    At the same time as being one of the teams people look forward to playing, we have also been a competetive team through recent years. In 2011 our team placed second overall in the state, only losing by one point in the championship game, and more recently in 2019 we won the title of DII State Champs. This sport is known for its ability to allow top notch competetiveness while having immense amounts of fun amongst yourselves and the other team, as well as pushing positivity rather than animosity.

    To join the team:


    -from home page, select the "Youth" tab

    -select "tutorials and help"

    -then select "individual player registration"

    This will show you detailed steps how to register for a team, and we are the Como Park Team, it says "Boys" but we are an Open team this year meaning all students will be on the one varsity team. During this process there are waivers that need to be electronically signed while logged in so they register with your account; so far there is a "2020 USAU Infectious Disease Waiver" and the "2021 USAU Release of Liability Waiver." Both will need to be signed BEFORE the player is allowed to participate. Additionally there is a Youth Membership that will need to be purchased through in order for the player to participate in sanctioned events like games and tournaments.

    As a team we communicate on the GroupMe app, in the chat there are more detailed steps for how to sign up and register with the team as well as common issues/questions people have during the process! Contact the coaching staff to get added to the group chat.

    Any questions on how to join, just send an email to Michael the head coach and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Coaching Staff

    • Head Coach - Michael Densinger
    • Assistant Coach - Jacob Graff
    • Assistant Coach - Jesus Caballero
    • Assistant Coach - Sam Mohamed

Contact Info

    • Advisor:  Sam Mohamed
    • Room:  2728
    • Coach Email -