Physical Education, Health and DAPE (Developmentally Appropriate PE)

  • Complete Wellness

    A developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in Health and Physical Education is essential in meeting the diverse wellness needs of all students.  A quality Health and Physical Education program will foster the personal growth and development of the six areas of health/wellness.

                   Mental Wellness 
                   Emotional Wellness
                   Physical Wellness
                   Social Wellness
                   Environmental Wellness 
                   Spiritual Wellness.
    The goals of Saint Paul Public Schools Health and Physical Education
    • Promote the development of happy, healthy, productive, and successful members of society.
    • Provide a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience through access to a variety of physical activities.
    • Provide Health and Physical Education licensed staff that implement quality instruction at all levels.
    • Promote a holistic approach to education of the whole child.
    • Recognize that participation in Health and Physical Education can encourage understanding and appreciation of diversity.
    • Provide for the development of essential fundamental motor skills.
    • Promote the acquisition of skills and beliefs needed to pursue a lifetime of involvement in physical activity and positive decision-making.
    • Promote an understanding of the relationship between physical, social, mental/emotional, spriritual and environmental health/wellness.
    • Increase awareness of healthy decision making and the impact in our schools, community and society.
    • Provide an environment which is safe and conducive to self-expression, enjoyment and creativity.
    • Foster and grow community partnerships with a goal of health promotion in our schools and community.
    • Promote the relationship between Health and Physical Education using an interdisciplinary approach to instruction.

    Saint Paul Public Schools • Office of Teaching, Learning and Leading • 345 Plato Boulevard East • Suite # 625 • St. Paul, MN 55107-1269


  • Terri Steen 

    Program Manager: K-12 Health and Physical Education

    Office of Teaching and Learning



Health and Physical Education Staff

  • Staff resources are available in our Schoology groups. PE and Health group access codes are available on our Master Table of Contents page when you log in using your SPPS active directory (eXXXXXX).