Why Wellness?

  • At SPPS, we care about our employees. Our aim is to invest in the health and well-being of our greatest resource... you! That’s why we’re offering the opportunity for HealthPartners-insured employees, early retirees and their covered spouses to participate in wellness programs to help them reach their wellness goals.

    The SPPS Choose Well, Live Well Wellness program promotes a healthful and positive work environment and fosters a culture that supports healthful decisions through programs, courses, presentations and resources.  

    Why should you participate in the wellness program?

    1. Research shows that people who participate in employer-sponsored wellness activities are healthier and happierat work and at home.
    2. The Choose Well, Live Wellprogram is a significant way to provide wellness role models to the students of the SPPS and the community of Saint Paul.

    Don’t wait – act now and see what Choose Well, Live Well can do for you.

    Due to changes in the SPPS health plans for 2021 there is no longer an incentive for participation in the 2020 ChooseWell, LiveWell program. This applies to all SPPS employees, whether enrolled in HealthPartners or PEIP plans for 2021. For additional information related to the health plan changes for 2021 please refer to your Active Enrollment information and reach out to the Benefits team with any questions related to these changes.