Step 1: Health Assessment

  • Do you or your spouse feel the need to improve your health but you’re not sure where to start? Start at the beginning – know your health. Because you can’t change what you don’t know, the first step is to discover how healthy you actually are.
    That’s where the health assessment comes in. By taking this short, 15-minute assessment you’ll learn what areas of your health could use some work and what you’re already doing that’s working in your favor. Take the first step toward a healthier life. Here’s how:
    1. Log on at, using the company name "spps." Trouble logging in? Call 952-853-8888.
    2. Answer the questions - it only takes 15 minutes.
    3. Learn from your results.

    It's that easy! There’s no greater reward than living a happier, healthier life. But just in case you need a little more encouragement, you *could also save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your health insurance next year if both you and your covered spouse complete the health assessment and wellbeing activity. Don't wait - start today.

    Your assessment is not shared with your clinic or SPPS, and will not affect your eligibility for health insurance coverage. View the FAQ for more information.

    For the 2020 Wellness Initiative, the deadline to complete the online health assessment is October 18, 2020.

     *Staff members moving to PEIP beginning on January 1, 2021 will no longer be eligible to receive the preferred benefit but are still eligible to participate in the Wellness Initiative through 2020.