Staff Information

  • In addition to usual classroom management practices, school staff can help reduce the risk of security incidents by following these practices.

    • Wear your ID Badge every day.
    • Hold students accountable to the SPPS Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook: A Student Behavior Handbook for Elementary and Secondary Schools.
    • Know your school’s emergency procedures (see school Safety Plan) and follow them.
    • Actively participate in safety drills and mentally run through your mind what you would do in a variety of scenarios—i.e. a blocked escape route.
    • Be alert for warning signs of trouble in students. In almost all school tragedies like Columbine and Red Lake, students gave indicators long before the actual event (see Lessons From Red Lake and Columbine).
    • If you’re part of the school’s Threat Assessment Team, read and understand the Threat Management by counseling and Assessment Powerpoint.
    • If a crisis does occur, understand how the District Crisis Response Team can help.