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    Kindergarten & Children's House
    Students in kindergarten and children’s house have been integrating technology on their iPads using what they have learned in their classrooms while continuing to expand their skills and knowledge on how to use their iPads in a meaningful way. The students learned about parts of a tree by drawing a tree in Notes app. Afterward they labeled the tree parts with an Annotate app and uploaded to their Seesaw app account. They spent a few weeks exploring the Osmo Kit which was all hands-on learning with manipulatives. The Osmo Kit consists of Words, Numbers, Tangram and Coding. They also spent a week in the computer lab exploring and learning about keyboarding skills by identifying uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. The students are now continuing to practice it on their iPads typing out uppercase and lowercase letters and then leading into typing out short sentences about weather topic that aligns with kindergarten science curriculum. Later we will also use Educreations app to integrate counting numbers.
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    Grades 1-3 & E1
    The first, second and third graders have been learning and exploring a lot with coding this spring. We are using BlueBot, Daisy the Dinosaur, Kodable, Lightbot, Tynker, Scratch Jr., Sphero EDU and Code.org to explore and learn coding. In Tynker app, we debugged and fixed codes in a game called Brick Breaker and of course they got to play after they fixed the codes. In Scratch Jr., students learned to program math and maze games and in Sphero EDU, they learned to program Ollie and Sphero robots.
    bluebot   daisy the dinosaur   kodable   tinker   lightbot   cargo-bot   scratch jr   code.org   sphero edu


    Grades 4-5 & E2
    The fourth and fifth graders have been integrating technology on their iPads with variety of workflow apps such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Keynote, Notability. They also have spent a few weeks on learning and exploring with coding. Some of the coding apps we use are Cargo-Bot, Lightbot, Code.org, Scratch Jr. Sphero EDU, Swift Playground, and Hopscotch. Several classes got a chance to work with virtual reality program called CoSpaces and and 3-D design program called TinkerCad.
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    If your child is in grades K-3 and would like to be notify when his/her project is posted in Seesaw, please let me know or your child's classroom teacher know. I can be reached at duy.nguyen@spps.org or 651-767-8540.