The Transformation Gallery


    The Transformation Gallery is a beautiful space that faces the park and river.

    The gallery is 1,800 sqft and has 8 movable walls and 30 pedestals.

    Exhibits rotate regularly and display student and professional artists. The gallery hosts evening open receptions and is also open to the public during school hours.

    Check out our instagram account, @sppscass, to see upcoming shows in the gallery and on the stage!



    Humans of Creative Arts

    August 31 through November 3, 2017

    "Humans of Creative Arts" is a project by teachers and staff created during a three-day summer professional development Arts Retreat in August. 

    At Creative Arts, we believe that academic artists learn best when they are able to connect learning with their creative, right side to the logical, left side of their brain.

    We designed this project to help teachers understand how visual artists process information. Teachers wrote an essay about their Creative Process as an educator, shared that information with a partner to inform the portraits they took of one another. After choosing a photograph to display, each person wrote an artist statement about the portrait taken. The exhibit features these photographs and accompanying artist statements.

    Special thanks to Andy Blenkush, for initiating this project, which is loosely based on Brandon Stanton's "Humans of New York." Mr. Blenkush is a Creative Arts' English Language Arts teacher (and also a photographer).

    Please call 651-292-3480 for more information.


Poetics of Forgiveness
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