Jerik Hahn

  • Mr. Hahn My name is Jerik Hahn. I am a 6th grade special education teacher at Washington Technology. My entry into special education started as a para-professional in the South Saint Paul School District. After 4 years serving students from K-6 I went back to school and attained my K-12 licensure to teach special education. I spent last year serving students in Minneapolis Public Schools. The route that brought me to be a teacher was a “long and winding road” to quote Mr. McCartney. I have held employment as a brick layer, an apprentice plumber, a fish monger, and even a gigging musician, but there has never been job that has called to me such as being a teacher of special education. I understand that the path that brought many students to me has been filled with anxiety and frustration that is why my main goal as a teacher is to help mend the relationship students have with school so that may may begin the journey of becoming life long learner.


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