Ms. Carrie Harju

  • Carrie Harju

    Ms. Carrie Harju


    For thirteen years, I have been an English teacher—high school English and adult basic education. Most of my career was based in Minneapolis.  I am currently teaching eighth grade Reader’s Workshop and English Credit Recovery.


    At the University of Minnesota, I received my bachelor’s degree in English and finished a post-baccalaureate program (master’s) in English education.


    I am a single parent of a seven-year-old girl named Mia Angel who is attending Adam’s Spanish Immersion in St. Paul. I have lived in two states, Minnesota and Arizona, and have also traveled some: Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and all over the United States (including Hawaii). For ten years, I was in a book club with former teacher colleagues. My hobbies include anything creative: decorating, painting, gardening, knitting, crafts...


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