Library Go


     The Saint Paul Public Library and the Saint Paul Public Schools present Library Go, a program to provide free, virtual public library cards for all students.

    In April 2015, President Obama announced the ConnectED Library Challenge, calling upon library directors to work with their mayors, school leaders, and school librarians to create or strengthen partnerships so that every child enrolled in school can receive a library card. Library Go is Saint Paul's unique initiative to achieve the goals set forth by the ConnectED Challenge.

    Easy to use. Secure.

    All new e-cards will contain an easy to remember number based on existing student IDs. Physical library cards will not be issued, eliminating the potential for private information to be compromised.

    Parent choice. First.

    Parents can easily opt-out of this program. Simply opt-out using iUpdate which is open each August-September. Existing student library cards will not be replaced by Library Go.

    Connecting to free resources for student success.

    One-on-one online homework help, dozens of research databases, e-books, electronic magazines, and so much more. Always free, and now integrated into your child’s curriculum.

    Your resources, going further.

    When the library and public schools share taxpayer-funded resources, the taxpayer wins. This innovative collaboration helps students, at no additional cost.