School-Linked Mental Health Services

Ms. Ashley
  • My name is Ashley Cooper, and I am a School-Linked Mental Health Therapist at Thad Wilderson & Associates. I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I went on to receive my Masters of Counseling Psychology degree from Bethel University. I have worked with Saint Paul Public School students and families since 2008.

    Thad Wilderson & Associates is mental health agency that provides individual and family therapy services at several Saint Paul Public Schools. I meet with students once per week during the school day to address mental health concerns that may be impacting their learning and behavior (such as depression, anxiety, aggression, grief, stress, social difficulties, etc.). Therapy services focus on creating a safe and culturally-inclusive environment that encourages students to express their feelings, develop a positive sense of self, and gain coping skills to help them through difficult situations. I also work with parents, teachers and other school staff to monitor students’ progress throughout the year.

    Contact Ms. Moeller (Assistant Principal) at 651-325-2400 to learn more about the school-linked mental health program and to determine whether your student would be a good candidate for therapy services. 

    School-Linked Mental Health Brochure 

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