Release of Student Data Notice to Parents of High School Students - Military Recruitment

  • In Saint Paul Public Schools, the following information about students is public:

    • Name
    • Birth Date
    • Grade
    • School
    • Dates of Enrollment
    • Awards Received
    • Extra-Curricular Information (including height and weight of athletes)

    Both the Minnesota Legislature and the United States Congress have passed laws requiring public schools to also release addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of students in high school to military recruiters. You have the option of refusing to release this information regarding yourself/your student. If you do not want Saint Paul Public Schools to release information about yourself/your son or daughter to military recruiters, please fill out the military opt out form and return it to your school. Either the student or the parent may choose not to release information to military recruiters. That choice will remain in effect until the parent submits a written request to the school allowing the release of information to military recruiters.

    For more information regarding directory/public information, please visit Student Records and Your Rights.