PCC Minutes

  • 2/20 Parent and Community Council Meeting

    Dr. Theresa Battle will talk about the Principal Selection Process

    This is a new process – with some pieces that we have used in the past, but with the perspective of the new Superintendent.

    1. Posting for the position – candidates can apply to be a part of the eligibility pool.  Hope to post this week.
    2. Once we review the applicants, their will be an interview – this is where the community comes in.
    3. There will be a rubric/scoring guide, and then there will be an interview.
    4. Vacancy preference will be emailed to the candidates.
    5. The asst sups will review and  first interview.  Asst Sup, two staff members, and two community members – one of which is a student (9-11)
    6. Parent and community groups will need to choose who will represent you.
    7. Second round will be S.  Gothard and his selection of interviewers.
    8. Then the Supt will make a decision.  Last week in April, first week in May.

    Q:  Are there any other high schools looking for principals?  No, no high schools.

    1. Do candidates have to come from SPPS?  No. 
    2. How long does the posting have to be up?  Through March 2nd, or possibly March 9th.
    3. What are you (Dr. Battle) looking for?  Strategic leadership (long term) and someone who can really care for our students (Instructional Leadership), someone who can work well on a team (Community connections), Mangerial Leadership (day to day operations, running a budget, evaluate teacher, problem solve, making decisions.

     Area E is one of the fastest growing parts of the city.  Managing the growth of the building.  We are projected to be at 1595 after the addition. 

    1. Would you ask the Principals of the feeder schools to help select the principal?  No, they don’t help with the selection.
    2. When would the principal start?  The principal contract ends 6/30 and starts 7/31.
    3. The Principal is only one person, they cannot fill all of the needs.  Can we make sure to have people who can speak other languages, not only Somali, but all of the languages.   More teachers and other staff should be here every day to be helpful to families that don’t speak the languages.  Not just interpreters. – The next opportunity is coffee with the counselors, Affinity Parent nights (next Tuesday) will have interpreters.

    In the selection process, is there an opportunity to reach out to a Principal, and teachers that can speak other languages.  Looking to staff, we are certainly trying to find people with resources that are needed for our community.

    Yusef Mohamed is here in the building 2.5 days each week.

    Ms. Neal – Who will represent the two members who will assist in the process of Principal selection (round 1).  You will be updated via the website and we are looking for input.

    The interviews will be 5-8 candidates, and will take 1-2 days.

    What ideas do you have about how to select the people?

    -        open up for students to write an essay about why they should be chosen.

    -        At conference, have parents who are interested to put their name in a hat – or write something, and then will get drawn.

    -        An announcement in the newsletter.

    -        Announcemnt for students on Schoology. 

    2/27 ACT is coming up.  Junior are preparing. 

    3/1 Conferences (4-7)

    Accreditation – Site visits are today and tomorrow are happening throughout the building.

        -clear direction/mission and vision and goals

        -healthy culture – shared vision

        -high expectations for teacher leadership

        - impact of instruction

        -resource management – allocation of resources

        -efficacy of engagement – empowering everyone to help with outcomes.

        -one more that I did not get…

    The team met with teachers, students, parents.  Tomorrow they will connect with our business partners. 

    Written report will be provided in 45 business days (April/May).

    1. In every grade at the school, how many children?  There are a range, from 18 kids, to 38/40 classes.  Sometimes with one teacher, sometimes with two teachers.

    Q:  When there are many kids, with someone who looks like me?  Will there be someone to help me?  We do have some bilingual helpers. 

    Sometimes my son, math is kind of hard for him, do you have someone to help him to help him with the math?  Wednesday/Thursdays – teacher stay after school 2:15-3:15?  This one might need to learn about the EDL option.

    I saw that many students were killed in Florida.  At this school, please be careful, please teachers, counselors, and Principal, and nurse have to help with the mental health.  My son and my girl come into school every day.

    -        the school has a school safety team met and reviewed the school safety plan.  Controlled Entry way is part of the new construction.  Conversation will be had with the construction management on 3/6 about where the construction is added.

    Q:  How do you ask questions of the office when you don’t speak Somali?  I received a phone call that my son had missed a class.  When I called back to find out what class he missed, no one could speak Somali.  No computer to check Campus.

    Booster club:  Urban Growler Fund Raiser on 3/11 4-8 PM.  Tickets include a drink and dinner item.

    District 10 St. Paul Council would like to help with the Homecoming Game.