girls basketball team
  • Welcome to Murray Middle School Athletics

    The coaches and I are proud and excited to welcome you to Murray’s very successful sports program.  Murray offers softball and badminton for girls.  Baseball is offered for the boys.  Track is open to both boys and girls.  Spring sports practices will be starting March 28th.  Games begin April 12th or 13th.   All spring schedules are located on the district sports website—  This site will provide the most updated master schedule for all middle and high school sports. Practice schedules will be posted on the site once the teams are set.  All practices begin at 2:15 and end at 3:45. If needed 4:00 PM busing is available when registered.  Contact for information or to register for busing.

    Murray Middle is proud to have a no cut policy. We are able to support A and B teams in all sports.  A-teams play the schedule currently posted on the district site.  Once all the schools complete registrations for all players, those schools with enough players will have B teams.  At that point we will complete the game schedule for our B teams.  Coaches will provide students a copy of the game schedule once finalized.

    In order for athletes to participate on St. Paul Public School teams, student must have a sports physical on file with the nurse here at Murray Middle School. Physical exam forms can be found at  All students must be academically eligible to play sports at St Paul Middle Schools. Guidelines are under info tab at  Students-athletes at Murray are students first.  In order to play, students must pass classes.  Player's are no longer eligible once they have failed two classes at any point in the school year.  A student failing two classes in the fall quarter cannot play the rest of the school year.  This is a district policy.   It is important for all students to start the year strong academically and continue all year long.  

    All players will be provided with a jersey.  At the preseason meeting, students will be informed about any other required uniform expectations like certain shorts, colors, shoes, etc.  If you have a need for support, please contact me. If there are any questions please email me at  I teach all day so it is difficult to return phone calls until the end of the day.  I can check my email many times a day and email you with an answer much more quickly.  

    Athletics can be a positive aspect of every student’s school experience.  We as coaches and parents make sports a wonderful experience by helping our players understand that sports is a positive, fun, and a great growth experience.  Let’s all have a great year.  Hope to see you at a game, soon.

    David Hughes 
    Murray Middle School Athletic Director

    Marshall Little
    Softball Coach

    Lavonda Pittman-Grigsby 
    April Vaughn 
    Track Coaches

    Will Upton 
    Baseball Coach
    Lorenze Francisco
    Ron Beck
    Badminton Coaches


    Fall Sports include: Flag Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Girls Volleyball.

    Winter Sports include: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Wrestling.

    Spring Sports include: Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Girls Badminton and Track & Field.

    For more information, email Murray Middle School Athletic Director at