• April 11, 2017
    Special Board of Education meeting to select a preferred superintendent candidate.

    March 30, 2017
    Special Board of Education meeting to interview the Superintendent finalists. 

    March 29, 2017
    Meet the Candidates event at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 29 from Washington Technology Magnet School.

    Each finalist conducted a short presentation to introduce themselves, sharing their experience and why they would be a good leader for Saint Paul Public Schools. Their presentation was followed by four questions that were identified from a community survey to which 2,370 people responded.

    The questions include:

    1. Last school year was especially challenging because of high profile concerns around school climate. How would you enhance school safety and provide the education and support students deserve?
    2. Saint Paul Public Schools, like other urban districts, has experienced a pattern of underfunding. How would you handle the varying interests, needs and wants of our school communities with the budget realities?
    3. Saint Paul Public Schools is seeing progress in several student outcomes, yet there are still achievement gaps between White students and students of color. What academic strategies have you found that work well to narrow these gaps?
    4. Provide an example of a situation in which you were able to lead a group of people with different viewpoints and agendas to work together and achieve community-oriented goals?

    Attendees were asked to complete a form assessing each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses; the responses will be shared with the Board before they select the new superintendent.

    Nov. 14, 2016
    During a special Committee of the Board meeting on Nov. 14, the Board agreed to bring forth a motion to hire Ray and Associates Inc. to conduct the search for a new superintendent. The Board voted to approve the motion during the regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 15.
    The contract with Ray and Associates, Inc. is expected to be finalized in December with active recruitment for superintendent candidates to begin in January.
    The search firm will work closely with a design team that is creating opportunities for community engagement. The feedback gathered from the public will help inform the superintendent search process in collaboration with Ray and Associates, Inc.