• Welcome to Continuous Improvement

    Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) engages in a process of continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is one of our organizational values defined as 'Pursuing excellence by identifying and strengthening what is working well and being flexible to change what is not.' At the school level, a major tool in the improvement process, School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP), serves as a strategic, living-breathing, and evolving document that continuously guides and informs improvement priorities of our schools. The SCIP process is structured according to the

    A PreK-12 Five-step Continuous Improvement Framework/Process

    1. Establish a Leadership Team of Stakeholders 

    2. Conduct Needs Assessment, Analyze Root Causes, and Write Theory of Action

    3. Select Evidence-based Practices (EBPs) and Create School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP)

    4. Implement SCIP and Get Better via Plan/Do/Study/Act Cycles of Learning

    5. Reassess/Evaluate SCIP: Reflect and Renew SCIP


  • Step 1: Leadership Team of Stakeholders

  • Step 2: Needs Assessment, Root Cause Analysis, and Theory of Action

  • Step 3: Evidence-based Practices

  • Step 4: Plan/Do/Study/Act Cycles of Learning

  • Step 5: SCIP Reassessment and Evaluation