Jordan Schuneman - Spanish Teacher

Señorita DePeder
  • My name is Jordan Schuneman (Señora Schuneman...though you may remember me as Señorita DePeder - I got married!) and I am the Spanish Teacher at Ramsey! I teach all the Spanish courses here which include: Exploring Spanish (1 semester (2 quarters) course for 6th graders), Spanish 1A (first semester of Spanish 1, taught every other day throughout a full year, 7th graders), and Spanish 1B (second semester of Spanish 1, taught every other day throughout a full year, 8th graders).

    I am passionate about teaching Spanish and the amazing cultures of the Spanish-speaking world to all students while igniting their love for learning a new language. Mistakes are a foundation of learning a language, and we learn from them every single day! 

    I update grades on Schoology regularly (weekly), and give mid-semester and final grades on Campus Portal. 

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. The quickest way to do so would be email: You can also reach me at: 651-744-2356. 

    On the right side of this page, you can find a variety of links to helpful Spanish-learning resources. The top link is to Quizlet, which is constantly updated with the current vocabulary we are learning in each class. Students have this on their iPads as well. The second link is to the Spanish-English dictionary which I recommend. The other links are to a variety of songs we have used to learn different topics in Spanish.