ACT Testing in Saint Paul Public Schools

  • The ACT is an achievement test that determines college readiness. Taking the ACT is required for admission to most colleges. Students who take the ACT are tested on their skills in English, mathematics, reading, science and writing. A higher ACT score improves your student's chance of being accepted to the college of his or her choice.

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Test Prep Opportunities

    • Methodize

      Methodize is a self-paced online ACT test prep program available through Xello. Students can access Methodize directly from their Xello account.

      1. Open the Clever app or go to
      2. Click 'Log in with Active Directory'.
      3. Enter your Active Directory username and password.
      4. Click on the Xello app.
      5. In the ‘Links & Resources’ section, select ‘Methodize’. The program will open in a new tab.