Phone: 651-744-8142


Degrees and Certifications:

M.A. Ed., Hamline University B.M. Ed., Augsburg College

Ms. Gustafson

Ms. Gustafson is an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher at Como Park Elementary School.  She has degrees from Augsburg College and Hamline University, and has been teaching for many years.  She is always excited to get to know new students and greet former students every year!  This year, she is working with 2nd Grade ELL students and classes, but she enjoys working with students in all grades and at all levels of learning. 

Second Grade is an exciting time for learning!  ELL students will learn many new things.  We learn to listen and understand English.  We learn to read in English, learn new words and different ways stories and information are written.  We learn to speak about our lives, what we know, what we experience, and what we learn.  We also learn to write to share what we know, think and feel.

Ms. Amy loves teaching at Como Park Elementary School.  She also enjoys her time outside of school.  She plays with her cats, who greet her at the door when she comes home.  Her dogs take her for walks and to play at the dog park.  She likes to travel and loves music.  She sings and plays the piano.  She also loves to be outside, watching and listening to the natural world around her.  She camps, canoes, hikes, fishes, and explores.  Her extended family is important to her, too, so she visits them often.  Finally, she loves to spend time with her friends.

She loves learning about her students and their families.  One of her favorite things is to learn about many cultures.  To that end, Ms. Amy has traveled to many interesting places, where she learnes first-hand about different countries and the people, plants and animals who inhabit them.  She also loves to learn at least a little about many different languages.  This love of learning, impacts her teaching in and out of the classroom.  Please share your stories with me!