• The Middle Years Programme is a framework that encourages students to make practical and personal connections between their school work and the real world; to think critically and be reflective in their lives. Middle Years Programme is for 6th through 8th grade students.

    Students are required to take Design (Technology), Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Physical & Health Education, Sciences, Language and Literature (English), Mathematics, Arts (both Visual and Performing), and Language Acquisition (Spanish).

    Key Concepts and Related Concepts are used in each subject area to better teach and have interdisciplinary across the curriculums. 

    Students study from each of the eight subject groups using global contexts. Students will see relationships between themselves and the rest of the world.They will assume shared guardianship of the planet through age-appropriate academic explorations using global contexts as a guide.

    Global Contexts:

    • identities and relationships
    • personal and cultural identity
    • orientations in space and time
    • scientific and technical innovation
    • fairness and development
    • globalization and sustainability.