• Traditional GED classes:

    These classes are instructor led and are available in the morning, afternoon or evening. The classes will cover all GED subject areas: social studies, science, math, reading and writing skills.

    Classes sizes average 10-12 students.

    Teachers work with students to set up an individualized learning plan based on their specific goals and educational needs.

    Steps to enroll for Traditional GED classes:

    1. Learners will register at the Hubbs Center on Monday or Wednesdays from 9:00 to 11:30 or 2:00-5:30.

    2. Take a reading and/or math assessment.

    3. Attend an orientation after enrollment which will outline the class options available. A GED Teacher will help the students determine which educational preparation plan is the best fit for each individual student.



  • Important GED Announcements

    FREE GED Tests!  The MN Department of Education (MDE) is providing funds for first time GED Testers to take the tests for free.  MNGED30 is the code to enter at checkout.  Retests will still cost $10 each.  To get the free tests, GED Testers must:

    1. Select “Minnesota” as their testing state
    2. Schedule testing at any non-corrections testing centers in Minnesota 
    3. Be first time testers in the subject they are scheduling
    4. Enter the code at the time they schedule their test on GED.com


    THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!  The funds have been extended until through 2021 and will last until the funds run out.  Once the funds run out or the subsidy expires, testers will have to pay the full testing fee ($30/first test in each subject or $120 per complete battery). 


    The passing score for GED Testing is 145.

    Log into your GED account for more information on how it will affect any tests already taken since 1-1-2014.  Additional information is available at GED.com.

    The GED© Tests changed as of January 1, 2014.  The GED©Tests are only administered on computer at certified GED© Testing Centers.  Registration for all GED© Testing must be completed online at ged.com or by calling 1-877-392-6433 (1-877-EXAM-GED).  The Hubbs Center is a certified GED© Test Center; however, all registration, scheduling, and payment must be completed online at ged.com or by calling 1-877-392-6433.   The Hubbs Center offers free GED© preparation classes during the day, evening, and online.