• For many years, Focus Beyond has had a Community Transition Interagency Committee (CTIC) to work cooperatively to meet the goals of each group.  This year, a new opportunity is changing our direction slightly.  We are moving to a Business Advisory Council to better align SPPS/Focus Beyond Transition Services with the Workforce Innovation Act (WIOA) and the Olmstead Act.  We hope this move will help us stay up to date on current labor market needs, employment trends, and allow us to use common language across classroom, community, and work sites.

    For additional information or to become a member, please contact:  

    Shannon Schubert (651) 744-1983


    Who is part of the group?
    In the past, CTIC had representatives from:
    • consumers and parents
    • local public schools
    • postsecondary schools
    • local recreation programs
    • county social services & providers
    • vocational rehabilitation services
    • local businesses
    • health dept. (including mental health)

    What can the CTIC/Business Advisory Council do?

    The CTIC provides students, parents, and professionals an opportunity to improve transition services for students with disabilities in our community.