Operation Warm and Project REACH Have Coats in Common

  • Project REACH/Fostering Connections is an SPPS program that reaches out to families and young people who are homeless or in foster care.

    Project REACH social workers are dedicated to helping families find housing and shelter options. The program also links these families with referrals to medical and dental care providers, food, school supplies and uniforms, and other items that are often difficult for homeless families to obtain on their own. Project REACH tutors travel to local shelters to help students with homework and provide other educational support.  

    At this time of year, however, Project REACH makes some of its most important connections: bringing together students and the warm coats that enable them to get to school safely when the weather is bitter. Many families do not have these items, or are living in their car without sufficient heat. Sometimes students have moved several times over the year and left their winter coat behind. When it starts to snow in Minnesota, they are unprepared.

    You can help. Project REACH needs donations of warm coats, hats, mittens, and blankets during the winter months. Two years ago coats and cash arrived from across the country in response to a Facebook post that went viral. The need still exists, even with wonderful programs like Operation Warm (see video). Project REACH welcomes your assistance.

    For more information contact anne.mcinerney@spps.org, or drop your donations at the Project REACH office, 1021 Marion in Saint Paul.