Skills Uniquely Marketable In Technology (S.U.M.I.T.)

  • What is SUMIT?

    The SUMIT (Skills Uniquely Marketable In Technology) Program is a collaborative effort between the St. Paul Public Schools-Focus Beyond Transistion Services, community and business partners.  This is a technology training site designed to train students with disabilities, who are dependent on and/or interested in utilizing technology for employment. Our target population is young adults with disabilities, ages 16-21 years old. The mission is to train students with disabilities in uniquely marketable technology for future employment.

    The SUMIT Program includes: 

    Work-based computer application training

    Northstar Digital Literacy Certification training

    Career Exploration

    How can we help you?

    What can we do for you? We can help with: chat editor * data entry * newsletters * making labels * greeting cards for any occasion * certificates * PowerPoint presentations * creating forms, spreadsheets, brochures, flyers * designing business cards * scanning documents/pictures or scrapbooks * VHS to DVD conversion of personal videos * narrating storybooks

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