Travel Instruction Program

  • The Travel Instruction team is committed to supporting you and your children's needs utilizing Distance Learning platforms.

    Our focus will be to help develop foundational skills within each child's home and neighborhoods until we are again able to access our greater community and utilize public transportation.  Foundational skills may include but are not limited to:

    • Landmarks (Knowing familiar places within the home and neighborhood)
    • Street Crossing Basic Concepts
    • Social Behavior Skills
    • Stranger Safety Skills
    • Travel Vocabulary 
    • Awareness of the Environment Strategies
    • Strategies to Request Assistance
    • Setting Travel Goals
    • Digital Planning Skills and Strategies
    On this webpage you can:
    1. Access the general Travel Instruction Program Guide for more information about our services when direct instruction resumes
    2. Submit a request for your student to receive foundational travel skills supports and instruction through digital learning platforms
    3. Access Digital Learning materials that can be integrated at home (These materials are being produced and will be updated when available)


    Helpful Links and Resources

    Instruction Referral Form

    Travel Instruction Distance Learning Resources

    Travel Instruction BrochureTravel

    Travel Instruction Resources for Staff

    Please contact Micaela Smith at with any additional questions.

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