S-Term 2018 Staff Overview

  • S-Term Staff

    Welcome to the Staff Page for Summer Term 2018


    Elementary (K-4) Staff Resouces

    All information for S-Term Admins / Site Leaders can be found through the following:

    SPPS OCCR: S-Term 2018 Admins/Site Leaders (K-4) Schoology group (Access Code: WHGN9-Z2FZ3) or on Google Drive (bit.ly/STerm2018)

    Information regarding S-Term K-4 Curriculum for Teachers can be found through the following link: 

    Access S-Term curriculum via the SPPS OCCR: S-Term 2018 Staff (K-4) Schoology Group (Access Code: 34Z85-FV2GV) or on Google Drive (bit.ly/K-4Curriculum)

    How to Join a Schoology Group: Sign into Schoology using your eXXXXXX active directory login, click on "groups," click "join," and enter in the appropriate Access Code. 

Apply for S-Term Positions

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S-Term Curriculum

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  • If you have any questions regarding S-Term, contact:

    Department of Alternative Education
    1780 W. 7th Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55116