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  • Saint Paul Public Schools is proud to be one of only a few urban school districts in the nation where students can earn 12 free college credits (and sometimes more) while in high school. Research shows that students who already have 6-12 college credits when they begin college have a better chance of graduating and finding the jobs they want.

    There are several ways to prepare for Early College in Saint Paul Public Schools:

  • Young people are often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Students should start planning for college while still in elementary and middle school to help make those dreams come true.

    As early as 8th grade, students may create a pathway of classes through high school focused on a specific career or job. Research shows that students who begin a planned course of classes as freshmen are more likely to graduate.

    Take college-level courses in high school to earn free college credit and enter college at advanced levels.

    Consider taking exams that give college credits for what you’ve learned.

    To get right into the workforce after high school, earn employment certification while still in high school.

    Each SPPS high school approaches these opportunities – often called dual-enrollment or dual-credit opportunities – differently. The end result is the same: free college credits, and money and time saved on college. Counselors and teachers can help students plan accordingly.


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