• Department of Alternative Education Staff Directory


    *For general questions, email us at alted@spps.org

First Name Last Name Title email Phone
Elizabeth Putnam Assistant Director-Department of Alternative Education elizabeth.putnam@spps.org 612-357-2306 Cell, 651-744-8010 Office
Mark Head Supervisor/Credit Recovery mark.head@spps.org 651-276-1716 Cell, 651-744-3170 Office
Rene Gervais Program Manager Other K-11 Programs rene.gervais@spps.org 651-231-4667 Cell, 651-744-1211 Office
Dr. Darcel Hill Special Projects Coordinator (Executive Director Freedom Schools) darcel.hill@spps.org 651-387-0869 Cell, 651-744-1259 Office
Chris Ederer Teacher on Special Assignment (Secondary Programs) christopher.ederer@spps.org 612-202-7218 Cell, 651-744-6770 Office
Rachel Carpenter Teacher on Special Assignment (Elementary Programs) rachel.carpenter@spps.org 612-597-5356 Cell, 651-744-5203 Office
Robin Lorenzen Music & Arts Program Manager robin.lorenzen@spps.org 651-271-7874 Cell, 651-744-4019 Office
Kris Krinke Accounting Tech kris.krinke@spps.org 651-744-1200 Office
Elizabeth Mercil Teacher on Special Assignment, Highschool elizabeth.mercil@spps.org 612-875-3183 Cell, 651-744-3985 Office
Sierra Burris Teacher on Special Assignment, CRN ELA sierra.burris@spps.org 612-699-3606 Cell
Margaret Fiedler Teacher on Special Assignment, CRN Math margaret.fiedler@spps.org 651-744-5986 Office
Renee Swanson Teacher on Special Assignment, CRN Science renee.swanson@spps.org 612-208-3624 Cell, 651-744-8020 Office
Kara Cisco Teacher on Special Assignment, CRN Social Studies kara.cisco@spps.org 612-440-2050‬ Cell
Jennifer Ratte Project Manager jennifer.ratte@spps.org 651-328-0396 Cell, 651-744-2972 Office
Thy-Dung Nguyen Elementary Teacher on Special Assignment/Lead thy.dung.nguyen@spps.org 612-791-2763 Cell, 651-744-5203 Office
Terese Soika Clerk teri.soika@spps.org 651-744-8020 Main