2023 High School (Grades 9-12) Summer Learning Programs

2022-23 Programs

  • Grades 9-10 Experiential Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery that looks and feels different from the school year by active participation in multi-disciplinary courses with an emphasis on hands-on, real life applications. Examples of courses include Wilderness Inquiry, Farm to Table, Culinary Arts, Welding, Art History, and Construction. Experiences include related field trips. Students take four courses within the session for a total of eight credits. Each course will be co-taught by two teachers licensed in two different content areas. Daily in-person attendance supports learning and earning credits.

    Grades 9-10 Credit Recovery & 9-12 EL Language Development 

    Students participate in credit recovery courses in which academic content is taught using alternative education methods. Students relate learning to interests such as K Pop, climate change, or soccer. English language learner students continue to develop literacy skills. Community partners enrich learning, while summer staff build a thriving environment focused on student success. Daily in-person attendance supports learning and earning credits.

    Grades 11-12 Credit Recovery Intensive

    Students work with a team of teachers and a counselor to complete coursework based on their individual needs. Once the coursework is completed, students earn credit and can either be done for the summer or enrolled in another course, if needed. Students are assigned either a.m. or p.m. classes. The other half of the day, students are supported in a Learning Lab providing internet access, a quiet place to work, and help from their teachers. Daily in-person attendance supports learning and earning credits.

    Grades 9-12 Credit Recovery Network

    Students work independently on course content material that is online and self-paced to stay on track for graduation. Teachers will be available online to help students during a scheduled time. Once the student has completed all assigned material with a grade of 60% or higher, they will be awarded the credit. Coursework must be completed by the end of each session and will not roll over. This option is recommended for motivated, independent learners with grade-level reading skills. Students must finish a course within the session.