Safety Committee General Statement

  • Introduction

    Saint Paul Public Schools is committed to preventing workplace injuries and illnesses among all employees. To prevent these losses, a joint management-labor safety committee has been established. Employee involvement in accident prevention and support of safety committee members and activities is necessary to ensure a safe workplace.


    The purpose of our safety committee is to involve labor and management in a cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace. The safety committee will assist management and make recommendations for change.


    The committee shall be comprised of both employee and employer representatives. Employee representatives shall be volunteers or elected by their peers. If no employees volunteer or are elected, they may be appointed by management. Employer representatives will be appointed. Safety committee members will serve terms of at least one year. Committee membership terms will be staggered, so at least one experienced member is always serving on the committee.

     Extent of Authority

    The safety committee advises management about safety and health issues in the workplace. All written recommendations from the safety committee will be submitted to the Environmental Services Manager. Management will consider the recommendations and send a preliminary response in writing to the safety committee within 30 days after recommendation is made.



    • Objectives and duties
    • Management commitment to workplace safety/health
    • Committee meetings and employee involvement
    • Hazard assessment and control
    • Safety and health planning
    • Accountability
    • Accident and incident investigations
    • Safety and health training
    • Others as determined by the company




    All written recommendations submitted to the Facilities Director shall:

    • Be clear and concise;
    • Provide reasons for implementation;
    • Include implementation costs and recommended completion dates;
    • List benefits.


    The safety committee’s procedures for fulfilling its role should include:

    • Setting the meeting date, time and location;
    • Electing the co-chairpersons;
    • Setting the agenda;
    • Recordkeeping.

     Duties of each safety committee member must include:

    • Reporting unsafe conditions and practices;
    • Attending all safety and health meetings;
    • Reviewing all accidents and near-misses;
    • Recommending ideas for improving safety and health;
    • Working in a safe and healthful manner;
    • Observing how safety and health is enforced in the workplace;
    • Completing assignments given to them by the chairperson;
    • Acting as a work-area representative in matters pertaining to health and safety.



    Only the planning and effective leadership of management and the safety committee can build a lasting safety and health program. The safety committee shall be a constructive entity, providing guidance and leadership in matters pertaining to the overall health and safety of the students and staff of Saint Paul Public Schools.