SPPS Attendance Policy

  • The Law

    Once enrolled in a public school, a child 5 years old to 18 years old (unless already graduated from high school) must attend school every day, every class, on time, unless lawfully excused.

    Lawfully Excused Absences

    • Sickness - too sick to be in school
    • Medical Appointments
    • Religious Holidays
    • Extreme Family Emergencies - house fire, death, etc.

    Examples of UNEXCUSED Absences

    • Overslept
    • Missed school bus
    • Suspended from school bus
    • Staying home to babysit
    • Weather too hot/cold
    • Family vacation

    Parent/Guardian MUST communicate with the school office every time a child is absent. Please note that not all absences will be excused. Call in or send a note to Suzanne Gural (Attendance Clerk) in the main office, state the reason for absence and be specific.   651.290.7595 (Attendance Line)

    All unknown absences are automatically marked as UNEXCUSED.


  • Did you know?

    Students with Good Attendance...

    • Do better on state tests
    • Keep up with homework
    • Get good grades
    • Graduate from High School
    • Go to College
    • Have many career options
    • Become more positive role models
    • Are likely to have better self-esteem
    • Build better peer relationships
    • Are less likely to engage in negative or criminal behaviors