Thinking College Early Fair is Saturday, Feb. 23

  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) students and their families are invited to the 15th annual Thinking College Early Fair on Saturday, Feb. 23.

    The Fair will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Harding Senior High School, 1540 E. Sixth St.

    “This event provides a wealth of information for students in grades 6-12,” said Dana Abrams, SPPS Senior Ombudsperson for the Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships.

    Jo Ann Clark, founder of the event, said that the difference between traditional college fairs and this one is that it’s a family-oriented community fair.

    “When I was on the PTA at Harding, I saw students coming through the college fair, but leaving without information to give to their families about the application process to a post-secondary institution,” said Clark. “Students need to have their family’s support and input in the process. They need to have their family involved to fill out paperwork that is oftentimes very confusing.”

    SPPS School Board members will be available to speak with students and families at the event.

    Families will have the opportunity meet with representatives from colleges -- state, community, private and Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Families will be able to talk with trade representatives, learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities and explore post-secondary support services.

    “Students, along with their families, will know all of the options for post-secondary education,” said Clark. “This fair gets parents involved in meeting with representatives to have their questions answered, which saves hours of time trying to get answers on the phone in the future.”

    Students and families will also learn tips about the importance of starting to save for secondary education as early as possible from representatives of banks and local credit unions.

    The Thinking College Early Fair began in 2004 as a community event, sponsored by the education ministry for Progressive Baptist Church. The fair was so successful that the following year, the church partnered with SPPS to ensure it had enough space.

    Free childcare will be offered for children ages 3 years and older.

    Karen translation

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    Thinking College Early flyer


    • Meet college representatives from state, community and private colleges, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    • Meet trade representatives
    • Learn about admission requirements and what it takes to succeed
    • Get information on financial aid, scholarships and careers


    • Conozca a representantes de Universidades del Estado, la Comunidad y Colegios Privadosincluyendo históricamente Colegios y Universidades Afro Americanas
    • Conozca representatnes de diferentes oficios
    • Aprenda sobre los requisitos de admisión y lo que se necesita para tener éxito
    • Obtenga información sobre ayuda financiera, becas y carreras


    • La kulanka wakiilada jaamacadaha bulshada (community), gobolka (state), iyo gaarka loo leeyahay (private) oo ay ku jiraan kuwa ay taariikh ahaan dadka madow lahayeen
    • La kulan shaqaalha farsamada
    • Barashada shuruudaha aqbalidda jaamacadaha iyo sida guusha lagu gaadho
    • Helidda macluumaad ku saabsan kaalmada dhaqaalaha, deeqda waxbarashada, iyo xirfadaha shaqada


    • Tuaj ntsib cov neeg sawv ntawm cov tsev kawm ntawv qib siab hauv lub xeev, cov hauv zej zog, thiab cov tsev kawm ntawv qib siab ntiav, nrog rau cov tsev kawm ntawv qib siab uasib txwm muaj rau cov neeg dub dhau los
    • Peb yuav ntsib tej thawj coj thiab
    • Tuaj koom kom paub txog qhov tias yuav ua li castsev kawm ntawv qib siab thiaj yuav txaisthiab yuav ua li casthiaj tau li siab xav
    • Tau tej ntaub ntawv qhia txog kev nrhiav nyiaj txiag pab cuam rau txoj kev kawm ntawv qib siab, cov nyiaj tau dawb los them nqe tsev kawm ntawv (scholarships), thiab luag hauj lwm (careers)