• Q: How much do classes cost?
    A: Nothing. Classes are free! 

    Q: What can I expect when I come in to register?

    A: It will take about 2-3 hours. You will meet with intake and get into our system. If this is your first time as a student at Hubbs Center, you will most likely need to take a placement test. When you have completed the test you will go back to intake, where you will be scheduled for an orientation and classes.

    Q: Who can participate?
    A: Adults with basic education needs. You cannot be currently be enrolled in K-12 school to attend adult ed classes.

    Q: Will class times fit my schedule?
    A: Yes. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Depending on your level, we have classes Monday-Friday starting at  8:30am, 9:30am, and 11:30am, (during the school year). The summer schedule usually offers fewer classes, but retains morning, afternoon, and evening options. Evening classes are 2-4 days a week from 5:00-8:00pm

    Students can begin most classes each week.

    We also have a Distance Learning program; Click HERE to learn more about this option.

    Q: How do I register?
    A: All registration at the Hubbs Center is done on a walk-in basis (no appointments).
    Allow 2 - 3 hours for Intake, Registration, Assessment, and Scheduling.

    Child care is NOT available during registration, please DO NOT bring children to registration.  Permanent childcare is available for learners enrolled in classes at Hubbs Center. Fees are based on income. Call 651-744-7525 for more childcare information.

    Q: Can I register for the GED Test at Hubbs Center?

    A: No. You can register at www.GED.com We do offer courses to support your goal of earning your GED. There are testing requirements. More information HERE.


    Walk in registration times at Hubbs Center (1030 University Ave) are:
    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. and Monday and Wednesday 2:00 - 5:30 p.m.

    Walk in registration times at Hub @ Harding  (1526 E. 6th St) are: 
    Tuesdays:  9:00 - 5:00 p.m. and Thursdays: 9:00-1:00

    To apply and learn more about for Distance Learning, click HERE.

    Most classes have weekly starts - students start every Monday.  
    Some classes have monthly or other session start dates; talk to an advisor for details.

    If you have any questions, call 651-290-4822.