Meet Stacey Kadrmas, Principal

  • As principal of Frost Lake Elementary School, I have found my calling. This many-layered job brings together my passion for improving urban education, my belief that strong and healthy relationships are the foundation for all meaningful work, and my experience as a teacher and a teachers' coach over the course of my career in St. Paul. I have been an educator in the Saint Paul Public School District for 25 years, and in that time I have had the opportunity to teach multiple grade levels, coach teachers in best practices for teaching and learning, and grow into an administrative position. For the past five years, I have been a principal, first at Prosperity Heights, and now at Frost Lake. In this position, I am able to bring together the experiences and knowledge I've accumulated over the years and apply my ongoing professional and personal development into this very important role.

    An elementary school principal in the Saint Paul Public School District is first and foremost a lead teacher in their school. In this role, I am involved in educational reform through teacher observations and coaching, planning and supporting professional development for all staff, and establishing positive relationships with the many stakeholders who are involved with Frost Lake. Ensuring and maintaining student safety is one of my primary jobs. That includes emotional safety as well as physical safety. At Frost Lake, we take this responsibility very seriously. In addition to making sure that all students are learning and developing to reach their highest potential is another large part of my job. That includes analyzing student achievement data, working with students and teachers to make sure everyone is on track, and establishing relationships with families to make sure they are able to work with us in partnership for each child's highest good.

Stacey Kadrmas, Principal