Data Security & Policies

  • Technology use in Saint Paul Public Schools is governed by Policy 520.00 Technology Usage and Safety, as well as other district policies and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  The policy is available in its entirety on this website. See Below.


    Saint Paul Public Schools provides access to the Internet, email, digital communication and collaboration tools, online learning spaces, computers, mobile devices, and a robust network.  District technology resources are provided to support learning, enhance instruction, and support school district operations, and must be used responsibly, ethically, and legally. The Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Students and Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Employees, Contractors, and Board Members are aligned with Policy 520.00 Technology Usage and Safety, the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2001 (CIPA), and Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). These guidelines define responsible, safe, and ethical use of technology in the district.  Both documents are aligned around the topics of technology access, use, and safety.  Students, employees, contractors, and board members are expected to follow the Guidelines for Acceptable Use.  Misuse or abuse of district technology resources may result in the restriction or revocation of access privileges and / or disciplinary action.

  • Technology Opt-Out Form

    Parents or guardians have the right to terminate their student's access to district technology resources. The decision to eliminate a student's access to district technology resources should not be made lightly, as denial of access will significantly affect a student's ability to work collaboratively with their teachers and peers, and will hamper the development of skills necessary to live and work in an increasingly digital world.

    Link: See SPPS K-12 Technology Opt-Out Form  -- Do not complete this form unless you want to revoke your student's access to district technology resources. Schools should not distribute this form with other documents.  It is to be printed and distributed on parent request.