Referral FAQs

  • Who can be referred to Focus Beyond?

    Very broadly, students who have unmet IEP goals in the transition areas may be a candidate for attending Focus Beyond.  If you are not sure, invite a representative to the student's senior IEP meeting or give us a call.  We can give you more information.  Even if the student or family are not sure they want to attend Focus Beyond, we may still have information and resources that could be helpful in planning for graduation and the future.

    Can students attend Focus Beyond if they do not have all high school credits?

    Yes, Focus Beyond does enroll students who are credits short, as long as the reason they are attending is to address transition needs and not credit recovery.  We are not a credit recovery program, but we do grant diplomas based on completion of IEP goals/objectives. 

    Is Focus Beyond specific to certain disability categories?

    No! We have students with all categorical disabilities in our program, with a wide range of abilities, needs, and levels of independence.  

    What is the referral process?

    Please click the link to the left for a full description of our referral process.  In short, you should invite a Focus Beyond representative to senior IEP meetings to explain the program.  If the IEP team, student, and family agree the student should attend Focus Beyond, you need to complete an online referral so we can gather necessary information about students transferring to our program in the fall.