Farnsworth 5-8 KidWind Team

  • Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 Campus KidWind Team Windigos took 1st place at the St. Paul Public Schools KidWind tournament in  April 2017 with their wind turbine design made of copper tubing and a mechanical advantage (gear system) of 1:7. The team has been invited to compete in the National Renewable Energy KidWind Challenge at the American Wind Energy Association conference in Anaheim, California on May 24-25, 2017. Team Windigos will compete with other teams from all over the world and have opportunities to learn about the wind industry at the national convention. While there they will have access to every aspect of design through construction of wind energy.

    Team Windigos consists of 5th through 8th grade students working together to explore, design, construct, and investigate wind energy alternatives.

    **To donate to the team's travel fund, visit our fundraising page: https://www.razoo.com/story/Farnsworthwindteam**

    Check out our pictures from Team Windigo's trip to Anaheim, CA for the National KidWind Challenge.