Johnson Senior High School Captures Third Consecutive Badminton State Championship

  • Johnson Badminton State Champions

  • Posted by Saint Paul Public Schools on May 17, 2017

    Saint Paul is a dominant force in girls badminton.

    Johnson Senior High School captured its third consecutive state title in the sport -- and its seventh in the past eight seasons -- this week, defeating Harding 7-0 in the finals.

    While Johnson’s stronghold on badminton is remarkable, it is worth noting that Harding, Washington Technology Magnet School and Como Park Senior High School rounded out the final four in the Minnesota State High School League’s Badminton Tournament.

    Six SPPS high schools -- Johnson, Harding, Washington Tech, Como Park, Central and Humboldt -- were represented in the final eight teams standing in a state tournament field of 23 teams.

    Since the 2000 state tournament, a Saint Paul City Conference school has won the state championship every year with the exception of 2001, when Eden Prairie captured the crown.

    Pa Nhia Her, a senior at Johnson, told a reporter with the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) that she is often asked why the Governors badminton team has been so successful over the years.

    “It’s really quite simple,” she said. “We are dedicated to the sport and committed to our teammates. We don’t want to let one another down.”

    Johnson is now tied with Harding for the most team state badminton championships in league history, with eight titles each.

    In addition to winning their eighth state championship, the Governors also set a record for point differential during the season by outscoring their opponents 170-5, Johnson coach Mark Fischbach said.

    “It was an incredible season,” he said. “The girls went undefeated with a record of 21-0 and also were the first team ever to win first place in every category at the Edina tournament earlier this year.”

    The girls were Saint Paul City Conference team champions, Twin Cities champions, individual conference singles champions and individual conference doubles champions.

    Johnson, the top seed in the team tournament, earned a berth in the championship match with a 5-2 victory over Como Park in the semifinals. Harding, the No. 3 seed, beat the No. 2 Washington Tech in a 4-3 victory in the other semifinal.

    “This is a really dedicated group,” Fischbach told the MSHSL. “We practice 2 ½ hours a day, we have team meals and do other activities together. This is a legit sports activity and we treat it that way with the way we practice and prepare.”

    In an interesting twist to the east side rivalry, Johnson and Harding continue their annual tradition of sharing a bus to and from the badminton state tournament.

    "There is a lot of respect between these two teams," Fischbach told the MSHSL. “It’s been a really fun ride, that’s for sure.”

Badminton State Champions

  • 1996 --- Burnsville

    1997 --- Burnsville

    1998 --- Burnsville

    1999 --- Burnsville

    2000 --- Harding High School

    2001 --- Eden Prairie

    2002 --- Harding High School

    2003 --- Harding High School

    2004 --- Harding High School

    2005 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2006 --- Harding High School

    2007 --- Harding High School

    2008 --- Harding High School

    2009 --- Harding High School

    2010 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2011 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2012 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2013 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2014 --- Central High School

    2015 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2016 --- Johnson Senior High School

    2017 --- Johnson Senior High School


  • SPPS Final Four Badminton

    The girls compete in the individual state tournament May 17-18 at Burnsville High School.

    Here are the top individual seeds for the individual badminton state tournament happening this week at Burnsville:



    No. 1 --- Khao Nou Lor, Johnson Senior High School

    No. 2 --- Chusang Nhasang, Bloomington Kennedy

    No. 3 --- May Garvey, Central High School

    No. 4 --- Ashley Nelson, Eden Prairie

    No. 5 --- Kasumi Vang, Johnson Senior High School

    No. 6 --- Tu Lor Paw, Como Park Senior High School

    No. 7 --- Avery Schu, Eden Prairie

    No. 8 --- Mia Coma, Edina



    No. 1 --- Nou Chee Yang-Bao Nhia Thao, Johnson Senior High School

    No. 2 --- Wamee Vang-Xiong Vang, Central High School

    No. 3 --- Thanh Nguyen-Elena Luu, Burnsville

    No. 4 --- Chunjai Xiong-Kushel Paw, Harding Senior High School

    No. 5 --- Josepheena Thao-Nou Gee Xiong, Johnson Senior High School

    No. 6 --- Dalee Chang-Esther Vang, Community of Peace

    No. 7 --- Enna Say-Wah Lah Paw, Washington Technology Magnet School

    No. 8 --- Sarah Leahy-Greta Donnelly, Burnsville