Multi Lingual Learners

  • Welcome to the MLL page at Groveland Elementary

    Do you know that St. Paul Public Schools have students with 126 different languages and dialects? About 40% of the students in St. Paul Public Schools are multi lingual learners (MLL).

    Groveland Park has approximately 80 students who are multi lingual learners in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The students boast a rich variety of home languages and cultures. We have families with home languages that are: Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Hmong, Vietnamese, Karen,  Somali, Spanish, Amharic, Tigrinya, Swedish and Oromo. 

    We believe that every one of our students enrich our learning community with unique perspectives and opportunities that could not normally be obtained. 


    Kelli McCully - MLL Teacher


    Askale Yigletu - Bilingual Educational Assistant