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    The Service Desk is your single point of contact for all SPPS technology questions and incidents.  Submit a service ticket online at Link: ; email the Service Desk at ; or call 3HELP from a district VoIP telephone or (651) 603-HELP from a non-district phone.  The Service Desk provides support from 7:00AM until 5:00PM Monday through Friday.

    Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology

    Please read the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Employees, Contractors, and Board Members. All SPPS employees are responsible for knowing and following the acceptable use guidelines. A copy of Policy 520 Technology Usage and Safety can be found Link: Policy 520 Technology Safety and Usage.

    Computer Access / Active Directory 

    The district uses Active Directory (AD) to manage access to all district computers. Once the employee has been assigned an employee identification number and appears in the Human Resources database, this triggers an automated process to create an Active Directory account. Active Directory credentials are used to log in to:

    • any district computer
    • access your network travel folder or network share
    • access Infinite Campus student information system
    • access custom websites
    • access SPPS Apps
    • submit Service Desk Tickets
    • Google Apps
    • reserve a computer cart / lab through the Room Reservation System
    • Schoology
    • Destiny
    • FollowMe Print (Ricoh Multi Functioning Devices)
    • Powerschools

      Note: Active Directory user names follow the pattern e###### where # represents the employee identification number.

    Active Directory Tips

    • Change the default password immediately.
    • Active Directory passwords expire every 90 days.
    • You cannot reuse an old Active Directory password for at least 180 days, and
    • You cannot change your AD password more than once in a 24-hour period. These passwords are case-sensitive.
    • If you are warned that your password is going to expire, you should change your password as soon as possible.
    • If you are locked out of your computer, you may call the Service Desk to request a password reset, but be aware that you will be locked out of the computer and all systems that use Active Directory until the password has been reset.

    Once an Active Directory password is changed, those changes are automatically passed on to the other systems which use AD for authentication.


    SPPS Office 365            Office 365 Portal

    Supported Browsers:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari (Limited Compatibility)

    SPPS Apps

    SPPS Apps is the Saint Paul Public Schools' version of Google Apps for Education, and provides users with access to email; Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Forms; Google Drive; Google Sites; and other Google applications.  Employees are required to forward their SPPS Apps email( to their Lotus Notes email account ( Directions for setting up email forwarding can be found Link: Email Forwarding.  The creation of an Active Directory account triggers the creation of an SPPS Apps account.  New users should be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for your email address / user name to appear in the Directory inside of SPPS Apps.  To access SPPS Apps, go to Link: and log in with your Active Directory user name and password.  For log in troubleshooting tips, go to Link: AD Troubleshooting Tips.

    Campus Student Information System

    SPPS uses the Infinite Campus student information system to record attendance, grades, and behavior.  Campus access is based on job responsibilities.  A request for Campus access is submitted by the building principal or his/her designee via a service ticket. New staff should submit a service ticket requesting Campus training. Campus Support staff will contact the new staff member with training options. To log in to Campus, click Link: Log in to Campus here and log in with your Active Directory user name and password.


    Contact Information:
    Call: 3(HELP ) 34357 from a District phone
    or (651) 603-HELP from any non-district phone