Student Teaching in SPPS

  • The SPPS Achieves Strategic Plan Guiding Values:

    ACHIEVEMENT: Fostering academic success by taking action to increase student achievement through challenging and collaborative learning.

    COMMUNICATION: Engaging with sincerity and honesty by using language that can be understood by all.

    CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Pursuing excellence by identifying and strengthening what is working well and being flexible to change what is not.

    COLLABORATION: Working together in a respectful manner that values and honors families, staff, students and the community.

    ACCOUNTABILITY: Holding ourselves to high standards for the outcomes of student achievement and operational, instructional and fiscal performance.

    INCLUSIVE CULTURE: Embracing each individual’s culture, race, ethnicity, ability and identity.


    SPPS partners with institutions of higher education (IHEs) to establish and support a new paradigm for teaching and learning centered on improved teacher effectiveness to close the opportunity gap. In SPPS we adhere to cluster sites and use co-teaching as a our model of instruction for pre-service training.


  • Co-Teaching in SPPS

    Co-Teaching in SPPS 

    Cooperating teachers and student teacher candidates will be required to participate in two co-teaching professional development trainings.

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