Groveland Park Elementary Student Supports

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    At Groveland Park Elementary we want our students to be successful socially, academically and emotionally.  As a part of our plan, we will use a variety of ways to help children succeed and to provide support for families. 

    Responsive Classroom is a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional and academic growth.  Almost two thirds of Groveland’s teaching staff has received training on this approach.  Classes hold class meetings to build community and provide support for each other. 

    C.A.R.E.S will be used throughout the building as a standard language for students to remember as they interact with others.  Teachers go over the vocabulary with the students.






    Recognizing student achievement and positive behavior are important ways to make all students feel a part of their school community.  Staff will recognize students for their positive performance with good news postcards, assemblies and other forms of recognition.  Student will participate in class activities that give them opportunities to help Groveland and the Groveland community.  Classes will also learn more about Groveland as a Peace Site and will participate in recognizing the theme of Peace. 

    Second Steps and Steps to Respect Programs are research based anti-violence, bully prevention programs that are used throughout Saint Paul Public Schools including Groveland. 

    Our social worker and counselor work with individual students, small groups and classrooms to help build the social-emotional growth of children. 

    A student Assistance Team (SAT) is a group of staff members who meet to come up with solutions to common behavioral/academic challenges.  The teacher(s) implement the interventions with the student. 

    Groveland’s Behavioral/School Climate Team is a staff committee that meets to generate and help implement the overall school behavioral plan.  The team works to evaluate and revise the plan as needed.

    Groveland Behavior Plan by SPPS_News on Scribd