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    Senior year can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in a student’s academic career. That’s why Saint Paul Public Schools has put support in place to help seniors finish high school strong.

    Introducing Graduate to Greatness. Our goal is to provide seniors the support they need to stay on track for graduation, create a post-secondary plan, and make a successful transition to life after high school.


    Helping Seniors Plan for Life After High School

    Personalized Learning
    Seniors receive instruction and support tailored to how they learn best. Personalized learning considers the developmental needs of teens and motivates them to think critically, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and stay engaged through the use of technology.

    Early College
    Students are supported and empowered to  complete career training or work toward a college degree while earning their high school diploma. Students can gain credits through placement exams, career and technical education programs and college courses.

    Counselor Support and Data Analysis
    School staff will closely examine data of each student to ensure they are on a path for graduation. Counselors will review credits, test scores and student interests to help guide them through career exploration and goal setting. If needed, students will make adjustments to their postsecondary plan. Counselors also help students gain skills to work through their academic ambitions, manage social and emotional challenges, set goals and create a plan for college and career.

    Credit Recovery Opportunities
    Credit recovery programs are a great way to help students catch up on the credits they need to graduation. Students are provided opportunities to receive credits through online classes, evening high school and S-Term (summer school). 

    Graduation Celebrations
    Beyond graduation, seniors are honored and celebrated for their hard work. Whether it’s a senior recognition event or an all-night senior party, each school carries its own traditions to recognize each student’s next step in life.

    To learn more about preparing your child for college contact your child’s school counselor or visit spps.org/occr.

Graduate to Greatness